"Step in the shoes of the customers",
is a quality that produces GREAT results.
Combined with passion, experience and an unique worldview this is a great asset to help your organization grow.

  2014 – Longboards USA, Redwood Shores, California  
    Longboards USA is a startup e-commerce business, selling quality longboards and skateboards online at LongboardsUSA.com  
    Head of Marketing ('14 Oct - )  

Responsible for all aspect of marketing.

  • Created E-Commerce Store and did product placements, resulting in growing online B2C sales.
  • Increased Website traffic 100%+, managed SEO and got to first page of Google.
  • Strategy, Operations, PR, and ran Social Media campaigns resulting in active Pinterest boards.
  1997 – 2014 Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, California  
    Oracle Corporation is the world's largest enterprise software company. This Fortune 100 Company develops, manufactures, markets, distributes and services database and middleware software, as well as applications software that help organizations to manage their businesses, with annual revenue of $37.1B with 115.166 employees.  
    Sr. Director Global Campaigns Marketing, Optimizing Campaigns ('12- '14)  

Focus on Campaign Best Practices, Buyers Journey and Lead Nurturing.
Optimizing demand generation campaigns for Cloud/Saas products as well as On-premise to increase yield on Marketing investments.
Build Social Media execution practices for Transformational Campaigns.

  • Redefined Landing Pages and Digital campaings resulting in 18% ROI improvements
  • Managed team supporting execution activities for Cloud/SaaS and on-premise campaign managers
  • Defined proces for Social Media postings for Global Campaigns across Facebook Hubs and Twitter
  • Trained Marketers on marketing best practises e.g. how to optimize lead generation and lead flow, produce result oriented emails and create landing pages which convert into pipeline
    Sr. Director Marketing, Demand Marketing Services ('08-'12)  

Oracle has central shared services teams to support Marketers around the world. Grew and lead a global team to 200+ people to help Marketing deliver increased pipeline.

  • Redefined Business Intelligence and Business Insight, to be actionable, mobile and driving real business decisions. Supporting Marketing Executive team and all Marketers.
  • Rejuvinated Web Marketing (emails, newsletter subscriptions, SEO, support for web pages for Oracle.com through better integration, best practices and measurements from inception till pipeline.
  • Modernized Event Support (event promotions, email invites, online registrations) to include reach by enabling social media, syndication, streamlined processes and fresh look and feel.
  • Improved pipeline of Online Demand Monetization (optimizing landing pages, online campaigns, transactional activities, triggers) by having end to end reporting and better integration between marketing and sales.
  • Increased Lead nurturing as well as Global Lead Management (taking Marketing generated responses to the correct sales organization -500.000 leads/quarter- and follow up closely with Sales and Marketing) through continuous process improvements resulting in 20% higher pipeline contribution.
    Sr. Director Marketing, Global Lead Management ('06-'08)  

Oracle has a complex lead flow process which on global basis takes marketing generated leads and determines, based on scoring and routing rules, to which of the specialized sales teams leads should go.

  • Improved the critical “Response to Leads” process, reducing lead cycle times from weeks to days, through building measurement and metrics across the processes and systems, focusing on main bottlenecks by working with global marketing teams as well as sales operations around the world. Improved lead routing so leads get to the right sales rep quick and more acurate.
  • Led a global team of 45 across different locations that process, monitor and track 100.000+ leads flowing to sales every quarter.
  • Established Integrating between Sales and Marketing through regionalized Lead Advisors and consistent business reporting.
  • Specified simpler business processes for the re-implementation of CRM. Global expert on leads during the BPR and subsequent phases of the rollout and implemenation of Siebel CRM.
  • Increased yield and shortened lag time for event leads by highlighting bottlenecks and providing weekly reports to senior management.
  • Led an effort to a global approach for lead scoring and measurements between sales and marketing, which resulted in much closer integration between teams.
    Sr. Director Marketing, Internal communications and executive reporting ('06)  

Executive management needed to know the impact of marketing investments in business initiatives as well as pipeline generation.

  • Provided key data points to the CMO, Executive Management and team to highlight effectiveness of marketing by collecting tangible metrics across teams covering activities like events, leads, advertising, magazines, Web sites and other activities. Showed that marketing was inline with the corporate directives and significantly contributed to the bottom line.
  • Designed marketing KPI dashboards to show the many aspects of marketing.
    Sr. Director Marketing, Global Marketing Operations ('04-'06)  

Marketing Operation is a global team that manages process and systems as well as Shared Services for Marketing.

  • Product Managed Marketing Automation for Marketing Online and custom build applications. Specified direction and drove enhancements for marketing’s core applications as well as for the custom developed solutions. Simplified the marketing planning, budgeting and execution which resulted in better data quality by automating manual tasks.
  • Collaborated with Applications IT teams, provided specifications and followed through until enhancements were successfully implemented. Led a team of 10 individuals across the United States and India.
  • Cleaned up customer facing profile system and worked with Legal on Privacy in order to move from a partly email opt-out to a clean email opt-in. Legally opted-in 2.3 million accounts and removed dormant ones.
Sr. Director Marketing Solutions, Applications IT ('01-'04)
    Applications IT is an internal group which manages all IT infrastructure to run the core business applications like Financials, HRMS and CRM.
  • Led and inspired a team of 5-30 individuals and managers located in the United States, UK, Taiwan and India, with minimal attrition rates.
  • Supported and implemented Oracle Marketing Online which is the main business application used by marketing managers for budgeting, planning and drives all execution.
  • Successful upgraded OMO from 11.5.6, 11.5.7, 11.5.8 to 11.5.9. Each sub release introduced new functionality. Needed to ensure they worked properly, didn't break business flow. Created documented and trained business users on new features and functions.
  • Delivered many business enhancements and increased business productivity, from weeks to days by understanding the business requirements, specify solutions, test and deliver.
Director e-Marketing, Corporate Marketing ('00-'01)

E-Marketing was instrumental in moving Oracle’s marketing activity from off-line to the web and helped globalize the marketing organization.

  • Designed, developed and deployed marketing execution functionality like e-blast, web tracking, content management, online conferences, broadband and evaluators.
  • Built and managed a team of 3-20 individuals and managers across the United States and India. Gained valuable experience working with developers offshore.
  • Consolidated country Web sites into one global, consistent looking Web site. Moved from having 50 Webmasters to 200 content providers and one global brand.
  • Evangelized the concept of a global approach around the world with training sessions in Europe and China, which resulted in global uptake of e-Marketing.
  • Designed an email system that allowed for a centralized approach with a capacity of 3+ million emails a day by setting a high goal, pushing the limits and working on improvements until the goal was exceeded.
  • Pioneered cutting edge web initiatives such as online events and multi-media iSeminars.
Pr. Product Manager, Oracle Developer Server & Web Developer Suite ('97-'00)
Oracle Developer and Oracle Developer Server are key 4GL development tools that are used for developing Client/Server as well as Web based applications
  • Evangelized Developer and Developer Server to to sales and customers, provided sales training and was speaker at major customer and many corporate events like iDevelop and Oracle Openworld, attended by thousands of developers.
  • Successfully launched products together with Product Marketing and highlighted main features and functionality in collateral and at press events to show unique selling points and value propositions.
  • Supported executive management by developing product demos and showcasing new product functionality during road shows and customer events, e.g. key notes at Oracle OpenWold, Oracle OpenWorld Japan and several press announcements.
  • Crossed organizational boundaries to get Web Developer Suite released. By highlighting the customer benefits, I obtained the support from different teams and released several versions.
  1990 – 1997 Oracle Corporation, De Meern, The Netherlands  
    Product Sales Representative, Development Tools  



  • Commission based sales across the Dutch organization for all technology tools/products, like Designer (CASE tools), Developer (4GL tool) and Discoverer (ad-hoc reporting tool) combined with sell-through via partners.
  • Qualified for sales Quota club in 1995, 1996 and 1997.
  • Participated with marketing in product launches and major events to promote Tools technology.
  • Presented to sales, marketing and major customer accounts the latest product functionality, competitive information and product directions.
Pre-Post Sales Consultant, major accounts in the Retail Industry
  • Supported Account Managers on technical aspects for 5-10 major accounts by working with IT Directors and CTO's to assess needs and see how Oracle could supply solutions or help solve problems.
  • Provided product updates, conducted informational sessions for technology products like database, data warehousing, Case and Development Tools and Methodologies.
  • Escalated support and contract issues. Advisory role for future adoption of Oracle technology at these major accounts.
Technology Consultant, Oracle Consulting Service
  • Successfully completed many complex custom development projects ranging from two day to 12 months during the 3 years as technology consultant.
  • Technology guru with interest in the newest product releases.
  • Learned new technologies, like the emerging Windows and Client/Server.
  1990-1990 Content Automation, The Hague, the Netherlands  
Content Automation is a subdivision of one of the largest Dutch temp agency that focuses on IT projects in the Netherlands  
Analyst and Developer
  • Developed Man Machine Interfaces for Navy vessels and Submarines.
  1989-1990 Artifin, The Hague, the Netherlands  
Artifin is a small financial services organization which uses Artificial Intelligence to predict stock price trends and fluctuations based on technical analysis and pattern recognition.  
Project Lead
  • Streamlined the entire business process. 
    From collection stock ticker information from multiple data sources, to speeding up calculations, to delivery of professional looking stock advice reports which were distributed to major financial institutes.