January 2007

Biking on the levee

Science night at school

Fieldtrip to the horse farm

Lauren with her horse Summer

A bag is more interesting than the pony...

Elroy didn't want to pet the pony...

Mrs K's house at the farm.

Joyce's 7th birthday!

With lots of presents.

My favorite presents. Rollerblades!

Fish tangerines as treat for school.

Joyce's 1st grade class with Mrs Bruno.

Everybody could take a tangerine

Making the birthday cake at
Mrs K's house.

Joyce' birthday party.Everybody smile!
Make your own fruit salad.

Joyce' birthday party. Make your own fruit salad.

And bake your own Dutch pancake

And another one if you want.

he birthday cake
, choosen by Joyce
7 candles and blow.

Who wants a piece?
7 candles and blow.

Who wants a piece?

Let's do silly.

Decorating a t-shirt

With iron on pictures and markers

My friend Kaitlyn

Nice presents!

A slumber party!!

we are finally asleep!

Roel visited us and read with us before bed time.