January 2008

To Disney and Adventureland Jan.5th

In the train to Disneyland

For the first time alone with Goofy and Pluto

But Daddy wants too!

With Cody bear

I got candy cotton while Joyce was in the big roller coaster.

My favorite car .

Joyce and Elroy in the
spinning ladybug

Pooh ride

Looking for gold?

Castle by night time. .

Joyce's cooking party

Other half of the group.

Making aprons colorful.

Making a caterpilar

Making piza from scratch.

3 places to cook. Table,kitchen and diningroom.

Finished pizza .

Eating your own pizza.

Birthday cake.

8 years old now.

This is how it looks like. Joyce wanted a carrot cake.

unwrapping presents

No rain, but fun to play with.

All covered with umbrella's

Fluffy and Bubble.