January 2009

At BJ's Dinner

A walk in Saywer camp

Japanese food at home

Work shop at Home Depot

Making Sports bookends.

Miss Paterson is playing 'Happy Birthday" on the piano.

Miss Paterson and Joyce on her birthday

Pannenkoeken as a treat

They could choose between jam and brown sugar.

Joyce's Science birthday party. Making fingerprints.

Decoration Flower pots and adding dirt and seeds to grow at home. A good bag right away.

Outside in the garden in de dark, but with light, so plenty to see.


Egg in the bottle..

Birthday cake.

Add a little water to dry ice...

And you will get smoke.

The volcano cake is erupting.

Everybody had a great time watching it and eating the cake afterwards of course.!

Last game. Guess what the close up pictures are.