Family visiting, disneyland, Beach, Jamaica
The Saltzherr family came to California and other places for the first time Dewi and her New York suitcase Heading to the car Elroy made a Welcome sign Playing monopoly Opening a long waited item
A macbook air! Very Happy First day Shopping. Stopped at  starbucks On the boat to Alcatraz Administration building
One of the cells Group picture Dewi and Joyce On the island Nico and Anita on the boat Walking on pier 39
Cable Car Call Indy Elroy and Rick at pier 39 Infinate mirror Maze Dinner at Applebees With the bee
Rick and Elroy M9 industries, where Mythbusters is located Cable car museum Sitting in a trolley car Lombard street In the porsche
Joyce and Dewi By the Golden gate bridge Leaning on the bridge Brothers Holding up the bridge with one finger Muir Woods
Anita and Karin In a log Redwood tree Beetlejuice at universal Studios Joyce and Dewi Venice Beach
Water, not too rough Dewi and Joyce Relaxing Venice beach Having lunch This statue looks familiar
Bought Boogie Boards Boogie Boarding on Venice Beach The sign says it all Expensive shopping In a Beverly Hills street All kids near a hand sign
Hollywood sign in the background Joyce's first time in the tower of terror Joyce and Rene With Mike and Sulley Laguna Beach View. It was totally different than Venice beach
The water was rougher here. Harder to Boogie Board Joyce and mandy cooking A part of the lobby. Part of the pool and walkway Our building where we had our room with 3 double beds Walkway to one of the complexes of the hotel
Having breakfast outside We were able to get BBQ chicken, corn and rice here for lunch. Half out of the water We had some rain in the afternoon. It cooled off, which was good. In the morning it was really hot. Beautiful clouds. Part of the pool One of the dining rooms. Mostly lunch here. choose from Dining hall for Dinner and breakfast. Panorama view of the beach Relaxing and reading Beach. Beautiful view Would love to sit here again
Reggae. Ya mon. Part of the beach You could take the catamaran for an hour. We couldn't make any pictures when we were climbing, so this is what it looks like. Sangster Airport, Montego Bay. Great vacation came to an end.