Back to school, Oracle Race and OpenWorld
First weekend to see the American Cup race. Oracle USA versus New Zealand New Zealand in the lead Never saw that big of a hat Monster made out of netting that was swallowed my a whale.. Second weekend to the American Cup races. The weather was better but a lot of wind. Second race was canceled because of this. Score. Oracle behind... but won at the end!
Team USA in the front now. Oracle OpenWorld. OpenWorld Concert: Marroon 5. Our view, Bay Bridge. Food at Open World Joyce and at Great America. Carousel
In Great America, Carousel. Nice weather, so BBQ time. Tasty food Joyce and Mandy playing with figures and photo's Playing in the water. Infinity sign with water and hair. Joyce
Girls Scout swim meeting. One day before school starts. Checking the new constructed school First school day. Elroy is going to Middle School now too. 6 and 8 grade this year On the way to the busstop Corner with busstop almost across our street. First time bus for Elroy
Karate lessons. This time different and with gear on. Soccer parade. Season started again. game.