Concert, Easter, Outdoor Ed and Girlscouts
Having a concert from school again Explaining geocaching to Juniors. Fundraising night. Girls night out. School force party Bag with clothes to school Because Elroy goes on a fieldtrip: Outdoor Ed for a week. A little worried..
But all will be fine Bye mom and dad All fine With his friend Eric on the bus All his pals are waiting for him to come home Playing
Easter morning, making eggs Simple smileys Breakfast Waiting for the time to start Waiting to "look" for eggs in a ring on an open field Looking for easter eggs inside
Where can they be? I found one! Look at all the eggs Easter dinner Went with the girlscouts to my  new red shoes. I helps kids in need get new shoes and school supplies for the school year. Sewing bags for all the supplies
Organizing the shoes American strawberries Elroy riding his bke to school Putting his bike away before school starts The tree infront of our house blossoms in the spring Helping with dinner