Columbia state park, karate promotion, Silver Award, Rene's birthday
Playing outside We went to Columbia state park for spring break Old street Lunch Old fashioned bowling Posing at the blackmith
Blacksmith Panning for gold Look what we found Old carrige, they ised it for transportation back then Store Sitting with daddy
Joyce and Elroy Elroy at his katarte promotion Breaking boards Stick fighting, Eskrima Rolls Getting a new belt
Elroy got a purple bel! Pull the old belt into a knot for good luck Look ay all the belts Joyce and Elroy Elroy and Aidain Promoting class
Joyce,  Julia, and Sofia had to help put a drip system for sandpiper for their sliver award Connecting part Digging a trench Getting the all the water out of the hole More digging The crew
At home depot making a bird feeder with girlscouts People who did the project Joyce and Mandy went on a walk to take Artsy pictures Joyce Joyce tried to walk across a dried up lake which turned out not to be so diried up anymore Got stuck in the mud
Elroy Decided to have a Mother daughter day at great america 3-D ride Joyce Karin Suprise fancy dinner
Back to school night at Sandpiper Elroy's drawing Shushi Karin and Elroy Karin and Joyce With mommy
Rene's Birthday New basketball Baloo and Mowgli Happy Birthday!!