High jump, Fieldtrips, camping
High jump Clearing the height First place in the county By aircrafts Rene Orienteering wit the girlscouts
Briefing Where do we have to go next? I think we have to go there! Great race Treat afterwards Girlscout leader and voulenteer dinner. The girls did flag and were waitresses.
Offering drinks Dont spill! Flag ceremony Mothers day flowers Breakfast in bed Joyce and Karin
Frog disection at school Inside of the frog School dance Last PYO music concert.  Joyce and her friends Joyce and Karin Got a rose
Elroy went to alcatraz for a school fieldtrip Say cheese! The island Elroy and Rene Elroy on the boat Alcatraz
In prison Let me out! The islands' wildlife Rene and Elroy Camping at Anthony Chabot Park in Oakland The older girls washing dishes
The kids washing dishes Making dinner The view The dock School Music concert The band
Girlscout dinner for the parents Joyce went to great america with the Smiths Rollercoaster Karin had to paint the sign that goes in the front of Sandpiper Finished product