Elroy's birthday, Girl Scout Camping trip, Halloween
BBQ time. Our new painted table for the family room. Fits with the new fire place with fireglass. Honors band (Joyce) playing at Save the Music. With her friends at Save the Music Joyce's boyfriend. Our girl scout troop
At the doctor. Elroy was sick. Very bad cough. Happy Birthday Elroy! Already 11. Present time. He loves the domino's. New soccer ball. His Party at Bell Bowl.
His good friend next to him. Bowling All his friends. We are going to take a closer look how bowling works. Behind the scenes. Lots of mechanical stuff.
and more. Pins keep rolling. Birthday cake. Happy Birthday! Party is over. With the girls scouts at the pumpkin farm.
First lunch lunch strange pumpkins. Joyce, Hannah and Julia. Corn maze. Who comes out first?
Corn. Found these pumpkins in the maze. Waiting for the rest of the troop. With king kong. At the campsite after the maze. Our platform tents.
platform tents. We had a lot of space. The whole site was ours. Making fire. We did this with Doritos and dried spagetti. In the morning.. Making a funny picture. On our way to the beach.
Big rocks. There was plenty of live in the pools. Don't know the name, but it is moving. The hermit crab. Most girls from our troop. Yeah!
We had rats in the attic. So they had to take out all insolation. It had to go all the way through the livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, closet. The attic space. it took them all day to clean the whole attic and put new insolation in. Halloween. Spiderwebs. Spiders on the wall.
Witch on the door and more spiders. Joyce made this pumpkin center piece. At Great America. Halloween night. In the gold striker. Fast roller coaster. Halloween maze. Strange people in the maze.
Going to school dressed up. Halloween night. Going around in the same outfit. Elroy going around with his friends. IMG 2266 Getting a lot of candy. We had a lot of houses. Was a warm and good night.
All the candy together. Luckly no dentist appointment soon..