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2nd year/2001

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Elroy's Birthday



Our House

Murals and paintings



Designed by

Karin Saltzherr



Our new house

November 14th 2003 was the day that we moved to this house. It is in Redwood Shores, 2 exits south of Foster City. Redwood Shores is a young community. It has 1 elementary school (no middle schools or high schools), one community center, a shopping center and a few parks. Oracle is on the other end of Redwood Shores. We don't have any neighbors behind us. We look out over a preserve area.

Our house has a 2 car garage, a livingroom and a familyroom (standard in Amerika), een yard, 4 bedrooms and a loft (open space), a laundry room and 3 bathrooms (more bathrooms is also standard here). It is 7 years young, so this time, we don't have to remodel a lot. We really enjoy our new home.

Our house from the outside.

You see the intree, Rene's office (down), above Joyce 's bedroom and the 2 car garage.


This is our street seen from one site. It is not a busy street.


You can see the entree here and Rene's office on the left side.

Rene's joy and pride. A plasma tv.

If you come in, this is what you see. The living room and dining room behind it. The stairs lead you to the second floor.



This is our kitchen. It has a build in refrigerator, 2 ovens, dishwasher, microwave, an island and plenty of space.



From the kitchen, you are coming in the family room. Our computer is here, so all the toys.


Next is the laundry room. Plenty of space to wash, change shoes and jackets.

This is the other side.



Our yard with patio and a grass area. There are no houses behind us.

This is upstairs, the Jack and Jill bathroom. Joyce and Elroy share a bathroom. Each has there own sink.

They have there own bathtub with toilet

Joyce's bedroom. She wanted a pink room. I painted it purple with lila and pink. Really girly. She has a mural with a castle on the other side.

This is Joyce's room from the other side. The right door is the bathroomdoor. She has alot of space in her room and a big closet. You can see her mural in the miror.

Elroy's room. It is blue, because I was planning to paint planes in the sky, but at the end I painted Jungle Book.

This is Elroy's mural. Junglebook.

This is the loft. Still messy, because we don't know what we are going to do with it, yet.



This is the 2nd floor. If you come up, you will see the hallway. The picture is taken from the loft.

The master bathroom. A nice shower and tub. Each has there own sink and walk- in closet.



Our bedroom.


Now, you have an idea how we live. We are not ready with all the rooms. We have an guest bathroom down stairs that we want to paint, the familyroom needs another color, Rene's office gets a color and we need to do little things in the garden. But we really like the house and enjoy it a lot.